Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Sand Castle - Movie Talk

Once again, like my previous blog post, this may only relate to the teachers in the Latin community, but I hope that other language teachers may find it useful.

So like I stated in my previous blog post, in teaching upper level Latin, we find ourselves having to address some very specific vocabulary, especially words related to war, empire, and imperialism. I shared my Royal Madness movie talk with you which introduced a number of war vocabulary words, and here is another one which addresses many of these words: Sand Castle.

Target words
arma - weapons
gens/gentem - nation
imperium - empire
procul - far away
acies - battle line
delere - to destroy
occupare - to occupy
cancer - crab
dux - leader
eques - cavalry man

English script

Latin script


  1. Another great movie talk which lends itself towards lots of vocabulary repetitions.
  2. As a Latin teacher who has to deal with very specific words such as cavalry, battle line, leader, and weapons, finding this animated short was a godsend!

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