Movie Talks on my Blog

Below is a list of movie talks from this blog along with the targeted vocabulary - hope you can use some of these!

Updated last on 10/24/22

Movie Talks on this blog

English target vocabulary

Bear Story (very sad!)

father, mother, son, family, home, bear, bedroom, enter, leave, alone, bad men, take, escape/run away, happy, sad

Cecilia the Balcony Girl

young man, strong, thin, alone, is exercising, thinks that he, is able, to lift weights, in a dream, in reality

Changing Batteries (the grandma and the robot - very sad!)

grandmother, at the door, circus, dies, battery, changes batteries, works, gift, it is necessary, goes, medicine

Royal Madness

emperor, wages war, army, peace, in battle, approaches, in grief, no longer, fights, monsters, sad

Joy and Heron

dog, master, ship/boat, to get into, is sailing, lake, worms, goes fishing, bird, knows, does not know

Short and Sweet

boy, girl, arrogant, very, small, because, oh no, says. the other, sad, cries, happy, loves

Monster and Dumpling

monster, teeth, body, green, claws, nose, eyes, white, blind, head, is hungry, smells, food, is selling, roars, falls down, gives, takes, puts

Laundary Quandary

man, woman, washes, danger, clothes, rescues, city, danger, knows, does not know, strong, lifts

Monster in the Closet 

boy, old man, wakes up, noise/sound, is sleeping, goes to sleep, something, makes loud noises, opens the door, bed, closet, nothing, again, hears

Snack Attack

old woman, train, buys, sells, vending machine, cookie, takes/steals, angry, young man, vending machine

The Present

mother, son, boy, plays, box, takes, gift, leg, ball, throw, wants, video game

Sand Castle

army, soldier, weapons, nation, empire, far away, battle line, destroy, occupy, crab, leader, cavalry man

Sanjay’s Super Team 

watch, pray, worship, gods/divinities, want, not want, temple, attack, rescue, big, small

The Wishgranter

man, woman, throws, wish, makes a wish, grants a wish, fountain, wants, coin, is/are stuck, tries, climbs, money

Ormie the Pig

pig, cookie, smells, wants, on top of, refrigerator, steal/take, in order to,

Car Park

man, dog, barks/makes a loud noise, car, looks for, finds, through the window, frightens/scares, is frightened/is scared, hides, his (reflexive use of the possessive pronoun).


boy, girl, take, flower, make, see, love, wants, has, happy, sad, angry, attack, punch, seek out, chase, pretend, princess/queen, leader, kingdom, dragon, roar, cruel.

The Smoke Seller 

young man, old woman, dog, drives a car, city/town, approaches, goes/comes to, sells, life, miserable, better than, citizens/people, wears clothes, transforms/changes, airplane.


enters, exits, approaches, goes away/leaves, clocks, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, sees, looks at, car, again 

Horse and Puppy

dog/puppy, horse, man, looks at, car, wanders, here and there, is afraid, is sad, far away, is happy, home, wolf


witch, iceberg, in a net, is afraid of, merman, curiosity, heart, endures, doll, limbs (of a body), catches, hates, loves, performs magic


girl, sister, more, less, very many, catches sight of, monster, jealous, hates, writes


  1. This list is great! Do you always show the video or do you show screenshots of the video?

    1. I always show the video as part of the movie talk. I will use screenshots for follow-up activities.