Tuesday, November 10, 2020

The Wishgranter - Movie Talk

This is a Movie Talk which I did last year pre-Covid. In my Latin 3 classes, we were reading the novella Perseus et Rex Malus, and I wanted to preview the words conatur (tries) and iacit (throws). Yes, considering that it was just two words I could have previewed these words much more quickly, but I really like doing Movie Talks! In addition, because this Movie Talk involved so many words already known by students, it allowed me to concentrate on these target words while reviewing known words in a new context. To me, the best animated movie shorts are those which contain tons of repetition in them, so this one worked perfectly for what I needed.

The plot of the animated short is simple: a "wishgranter" attempts to grant the wishes of a young man and woman who both throw coins into a fountain. Something goes awry, and that is where the wacky fun begins!

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Movie Talks on my Blog

So I have added a new page to my blog: my list of movie talks from this blog! I have listed the movie talks with target language and links to my blogs posts. You can find this page along the vertical dashboard at the top of this blog, but here is the link to that page:

List of Movie Talks

This list only represents the movie talks which I have posted on this blog, but I have SO MANY more that I will add and update to this list. Hope you can use some of these!