Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Using Storyboard That to Deliver Input

This week, I have been playing around with Storyboard That, a web technology which allows users to create "storyboarded" versions of readings as a form of digital storytelling. This week, I was introducing a unit on the Underworld (which we will be covering for the rest of the semester), so I decided to try out Storyboard That as a post-reading activity. Below is what I created:

Below is a video explaining about how to use Storyboard That:

  1. This is definitely another novel way to deliver input and to do a reading due to the comic-book nature of the pictures and of the layout.
  2. I downloaded my storyboard as a powerpoint and created a screencast so that students would receive double input from hearing me narrate the story in Latin and from reading the Latin at the same time.
  3. There is definitely a learning curve in discovering how to use Storyboard That, because there are so many illustrations and options which you can use to create content.
  4. I can definitely see having students use this tool to create their own content, but like most technology, they need to learn how to use it properly, i.e. this is an easy tool for students to get caught up in the "bells and whistles" without creating anything with real substance or new meaning.
  5. Using this tool, I would like to create a library of "graphic readers" for students to read maybe during a FVR time.
Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks with Storyboard That. It is a pay-site, and while there are free options available, there are lots of limitations to the free option:
  • One can only create 2 storyboards a week.
  • Storyboards can only be 3 or 6 cells in length.
  • There is limited access to various storyboard layouts.
  • If you wish for students to create a storyboard on their own, they must register for a free individual account on their own OR you can pay per students to create a pay account. However, this may be a student privacy data issue for your school.
There is a free trial account for teachers which will give you extended access, but it only lasts for 14 days.

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