Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Pancho Cumacho

This is a VERY fun activity which I saw Alina Filipescu demonstrate at NTPRS this past summer. It is a great 5-10 minute activity which is a lot like Hot Potato, and it is definitely full of comprehensible (albeit fast) repetitions. My students LOVE this game and the fact that I the teacher will play the final round against them. Here is a link to a blog post which Alina has written up about Pancho Cumacho (there is also a video of the game).

NOTE - for this game, even though I am using Latin words, I still keep the name Pancho Cumacho purely for the phonetics. I could not find a Latin name which would have the same effect.

Thanks, Alina for showing us this game!


  1. My Latin students will love this. Perhaps I will ask about Mettius Fufetius instead.

  2. Hi Keith, Thanks for sharing what you're doing. This is SUCH a great resource - I have it open on my computer every morning. This may be a better question for email or twitter, but I was wondering if you are still using (or planning to use) a textbook, and how you are able to incorporate the HF words you are using in your stories into your textbook readings? Thanks - Michelle Ramahlo

    1. I am teaching high frequency verbs first because I can do a lot with them, but also to get them out of the way. Once I teach those, I will focus on nouns and other words which my students will need to know to read CLC. In other words, I am prepping them so that they can eventually read CLC. I am not using CLC tandem with what I am currently doing.

  3. I like Mettius Fufetius for the catchy ring.