Thursday, November 15, 2018

Movie Talk - Joy and Heron

Here is a Movie Talk which I presented this week in my Latin 2 classes. I was looking for a short animated movie short for which I could introduce the words boat, board a ship, river, and fishing. Unfortunately, the National Movie Talk database did not have anything related to these words, but after a Google search, I came across this movie short (I have now added it to the database). I really like this Movie Talk, because it is a cute story involving a dog, its master, a big bird, and a can of worms with LOTS of repetitions and a very nice ending.

Movie Talk script - Latin

Movie Talk script - English

Consider using this!

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  1. Hi, Keith! Thank you for sharing this video and the link to the National Movie Talk Database! I haven’t tried CI yet, but I after reading your blog posts, I am intrigued! I come from a grammar-translation background as well, but I am eager to try out CI in the classroom. The movie talk is so simple, yet so beneficial. I can see its use as a pre-reading activity. I’m excite to try something like this!