Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Taking a Break

I began this blog in December 2013, and now after 282 posts and over 615,000 page views, I have decided to take a break from blogging. The blog will remain live, but I am taking a break from posting. I am not "blogged" out per se, because I actually have about 20 future blog posts in one kind of draft form or another that I have yet to publish. So it is not that I feel like I do not have anything to say or that the well has run dry in terms of blog post ideas. 

Quite honestly, the reason is that I just do not feel the need to blog anything at the moment. It has been two months since I have last posted anything here. Granted the last two months have been adjusting to a life of self-quarantining, of social distancing, and of facilitating digital distance learning with my students, but now that life is starting to re-open to a post-quarantine world, I realize that during those two months, I did not miss blogging (and I certainly had the TIME to blog!). 

So much like when I took time off from attending/presenting at conferences, I am going to take time off here from blogging. But much like how I returned back to attending conferences and presenting, I am certain that I will return again to blogging. Hopefully, it will not be a 18-month respite like it was for me with conferences. When I miss blogging, that is when I will know that I am ready to return.

So to the ten of you who faithfully read my blog - I thank you so much! I look forward to blogging again and sharing ideas with all of you in the future.


  1. There's definitely more than ten of us that read! Thank you for sharing so many ideas with us. Will be happy when you're feeling ready to return. Until then, be well!

  2. I can honestly say this blog is one of the easiest blogs to read and to get several ideas from in record-time. The way you communicate your ideas is so practical and easy to follow. I tried not to ever skip a post for the last two years or so. Thank you for aiding my transition to communicative language based teaching -not coincidentally also in the last two years! And your decision makes total sense. You should feel the pull. Rest from it and enjoy!

  3. Keith,
    "to the ten of you who faithfully read my blog" - You are funny! I have told you before, your blog has been my lifeline whenever I needed one. You always seemed to have just the right post when I needed it. Of all the blogs, this is the one that I read the most faithfully for its brevity and usefulness. We have come a long way since 2013 when we attended the Rusticatio Paedagogy workshop. I don't need the lifelines as much anymore, but I look forward to when you start blogging again.
    Sincerely, Tammy (Luna)

  4. You must know that there are so many more than "ten" of us who faithfully read your blog. Credit where credit is due - you offer great support, instruction, and inspiration to teachers and I am grateful for your generosity of time and expertise. I also fully understand and respect your choice to step back and respond to what you need and want in your life right now. I wish you well in all that you do, and look forward to what you may share with us all in the future.

  5. Keith,

    I think you have more than 10 people who faithfully read your blog. I know that you had mentioned that you would be taking a break from blogging. I came back to your blog this morning and was pleased to see that you have resumed blogging.

    Your evaluation of online learning sounds identical to mine.

    I hope you keep posting.