Thursday, March 20, 2014

Guess the Word/Hot Seat

This is another fun vocabulary activity involving whiteboards - I learned this at my first Rusticatio in 2010:
  1. Divide the class into 3 teams
  2. Pick one student from each team to sit in front of the classroom with their backs to the classroom board - the three students are facing their teams. I usually ask for volunteers so that no one feels like he/she is "on the spot" without his/her permission.  The rest of the class has whiteboards.
  3. On the classroom board, write a known vocabulary word
  4. The class will then draw a pictorial representation of that word on their whiteboards but not show the 3 students. If a student does not know the meaning of the word, he/she can look at a neighbor's whiteboard. Students may not use letters, numbers or any symbol found on a computer keyboard.
  5. On cue, have all of the students show the 3 students their pictures
  6. The 3 students guess the Latin vocabulary word. First one who guesses the correct word gets a point for his/her team.
  7. Variations: instead of pictures, have students write one-word synonyms or antonyms in Latin. Depending on ability, have students write definitions of the vocabulary word in Latin sentences.
  1. This is a very low-stress, highly engaging and competitive activity. 
  2. Because students are drawing their own interpretation of the vocabulary, it helps to personalize the acquisition process
  3. In order for the students to guess the word, the picture needs to be comprehensible. Sometimes, the simpler the picture is drawn, the better.
  4. Because the 3 students are looking at a variety of pictures to guess the word, they are receiving multiple comprehensible messages.
  5. Pick vocabulary words which can be easily understood from a picture. Sometimes, "concept" words, e,g, dignitas, are difficult to draw.

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