Friday, May 24, 2019

Reflections on the School Year

I am now officially on summer vacation! Today was the last day of post-planning. My classroom is all boxed up, grades have been turned in and finalized, and I have completed my scavenger hunt of getting signed off by various school administrators, department head, and the bookkeeper. I always find the last day of work to be rather anticlimactic. In my mind, for months everything has been leading up to this day, and now that it is over, I feel a bit let down. I have always said that the end of the school year is like being on a runaway train. The train is not going to stop whether I like it or not, so the only thing which I can do is just hold on. And then suddenly, the train stops, but due to the laws of physics, I am still in motion and am hurled forward. 

One of the caveats of which I have to remind myself at the end of the school year is not to dwell on my perceived shortcomings and failures for the year. Yes, I can definitely look back and see where I failed as a teacher in terms of CI, spoken Latin, student engagement, creating a community, etc. But if I only look at where I fell short, then I cannot see my successes. I am reminded of what Rose Williams once said to me in the past, "(In spite of where you fell short), your students still loved you." And for where I fell short with my students? That is what next year is for - I can go in with a plan already in mind. The new school year brings hope.

As I decompress from this school year and process everything, I am excited for this summer break. I am continuing with my graduate studies in Instructional Technology, will be presenting at the American Classical League Summer Institute, and will be serving as a cohort leader/presenter at IFLT 2019. I am excited for these two conferences, since I did not attend either last summer, and I have also taken 1 1/2 years off from presenting at conferences. I am definitely ready to present again.

Thanks to all of you who read my blog. I am always taken aback when people whom I have never met before (especially non-Latin teachers) come up to me and tell me that they enjoy reading it. I am so appreciative that people find value in what I have to say and that it has aided them in their teaching. I feel so validated!

Here's to my next two months of summer break! 

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