Thursday, March 24, 2016

CI Sessions at the 2016 ACL Summer Institute

At this summer's American Classical League Summer Institute (the national conference for Latin teachers), there will be NINE CI-based/friendly presentations. This is up from four presentations last year! If you are a Latin teacher who is interested in CI, consider attending the 2016 ACL Summer Institute and checking out one (if not all!) of the following presentations.

6-hour PreInstitute Workshop
  • Comprehensible Input Strategies: Scaffolding and Sequencing for the Latin Classroom - Keith Toda, Robert Patrick,  Rachel Ash
Regular Presentations
  • Technology in the Comprehensible Input Latin Classroom: How to Go Beyond Kahoot - Keith Toda
  • Let's Make a Story! ‐ Story‐Asking for the Comprehensible Input Classroom - John Bracey
  • Hard Grammar? What Hard Grammar? Justin Bailey
  • Comprehensible Consequences - Traci Dougherty
  • Teaching Vocabulary with Movie Shorts - Rachel Ash
  • Gradūs Parvī: Creating Tiered Readings for Any Level of Instruction - Kevin Ballestrini
  • The Value of Writing in the Cl Classroom - Robert Patrick
  • Teaching Latin with a Novel‐‐All Modes of Communication - Robert Patrick
If there are other CI presentations of which you know, please let me know so that I can add them to this list.

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  1. From what he's said, I believe Justin Schwamm's presentation "Changing the Paradigm: Holistic Assessment in the Latin Classroom" will also be very CI-relevant.