Tuesday, August 18, 2015

HOT (Higher Order Thinking) in a CI Classroom

At NTPRS this summer, I attended Carol Gaab's session Inspiring Higher-Level Thinking Using Level Appropriate Language. I could listen to Carol all day, because she really does know her stuff, is incredibly quick-witted, and is always full of energy. Her session was on how to raise students' level of critical thinking, especially at levels 1 and 2 when students have a limited knowledge of language. 

Below is a link to Bess Hayles' blog where she has written up a post about Carol's session. I met Bess last summer at NTPRS in Chicago, and she knows her CI/TPRS stuff very well! Carol covered a lot in her 2.5 hour session, and I was in such awe as I drank everything in which she was saying that I forgot to take notes. I'm grateful for Bess's post here


In addition, here is a link to Carol's handout for the session:


So far in the first two weeks of school, I have already incoporated a few HOT activities, and I can tell you that they work, even in Latin 1 with limited language! With my Latin 1's, I did a "Who Would Say This in the Story?" and "Is This Relevant to the Story?" It really did get students to think, while at the same time get in more repetitions of the language. And honestly, it was a lot of fun! In most situations, since students would respond in English, and I would restate their answer in very comprehensible Latin. My goal now is to do at least two HOT activities with every story which I tell.

Consider being HOT in your classes!

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