Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Latin at NTPRS 2015

If you have been reading my blog, you know that last summer I attended the National TPRS Conference (NTPRS) for the first time. Although I was the sole Latin teacher there, I still found the entire conference incredibly worthwhile. So I am excited to announce that at this summer's NTPRS, there will be FIVE Latin-specfic presentations. Justin Bailey, Bob Patrick and I will be presenting - below is a description of the five presentations:

Three Latin Lesson Plans with Compelling Comprehensible Input (Justin Slocum Bailey)
These entertaining lesson plans can be used with any curriculum to provide personalized CI with high-frequency structures and to spark scaffolded conversation. The plans are highly adaptable and can be used repeatedly with different content and at different levels. Examples are in Latin, but the lessons work in any language!

Legere et Loqui: How to generate compelling Latin conversations from any text (Justin Slocum Bailey)
Learn to create compelling conversation in Latin around a Latin text of any genre or level by crafting and asking personalized questions based on key structures and themes in the text. Practice using questions before, during, and after reading (viewing, listening) to increase both engagement and comprehensible repetition of structures.

Report from the Field: CI Latin From Start to Finish, and What About AP? (Bob Patrick)
This session demonstrates how Latin teachers in a metro Atlanta public school are creating a total CI program including what they do with AP Latin. The session provides practical suggestions and ready made materials for use in your Latin program including tips for beginning CI work in a traditional program.

Speak Comprehensibly from Day 1 (Keith Toda)
Now that you have experienced CI/TPRS here at NTPRS, come see how to put it all together for Day 1 of class. Though session examples will be given in Latin, everything can be transferred to your target language. Come learn some Latin, and see that it never was a dead language!

Detoxing from the Textbook (Keith Toda)
Want to take the full plunge into CI/TPRS but district/state standardized assessments holding you back? Want to move away from the textbook but unsure how to do it? This session will focus on a hybrid approach of using the textbook purely as a guide but still giving students the full benefits of a CI/TPRS curriculum.

If you are a Latin teacher interested in CI/TPRS, consider attending NTPRS in Reston, VA this summer. Also, Pedagogy Rusticatio will be attendng NTPRS, so there will be a number of Latin teachers there - I'm excited that there will be others in attendance!

Even if you do not teach Latin, you can still apply much from these sessions to your language. I look forward to seeing many folks at our presentations!


  1. Keith, these sound great! I don't see a schedule posted on the TPRS site yet. Do you have any info about which days these presentations will take place?

    1. Currently, a preliminary schedule is posted on the NTPRS website but I am sure that as we get closer to the actual conference, the full schedule will be listed.